November 15, 2010

10 Things Men Don't Do Anymore

Like I said in my last post, things surely have changed in this dating game. Here are a few observations from my experiences with men that I have "dated" over the past few years (I have to admit that the sample size is very small LOL)

My Top 10 Things Men Don't Do Anymore

1. Approach women: They look at you and check you out from a distance, but don't come up to you and try to get to know you.
2. Call: Men don't call you to talk. They are more comfortable texting. I'm old school and like to communicate in sound.
3. Buy Flowers: I can't remember the last time I got flowers just because. I only get them as a make up gift. SMH!
4. Pick you up: Every man I've met recently wants to "meet up" somewhere. Come get me fool!
5. Take you out on the first date: If I hear one more time, "I want to see you. How 'bout I come by to chill?" OR "Do you want to come over and chill at my house?" I'm going to scream!
6. Greet you at your front door: Please don't text me saying that you are outside. Park. Get out. Ring my doorbell like a gentleman. WTH!
7. Pull out chairs or open doors: Many even will sit down before you do. I just don't get it.
8. Offer to buy snacks at the movies: I know that it's expensive, but plan accordingly and be prepared if she says yes. You can't just pass by and not say anything.
9. Surprise you. Men don't plan anymore. Show up with a card. Dedicate a song. Plan a spontaneous evening with dinner and music. Think beyond your PS3 or XBox!
10. Dress the part. Take more pride in your appearance. Shower and shave. Wear a nice shirt. Put on some nice cologne. Act like you are trying to impress me.


  1. About 8 of the 10 r over rated. Flowers die and end up being a waste of money. Communication is communication, whether its texting, emailing, etc. Chairs and doors your human too upset can open your own doors. Your limbs work fine! Approaching woman, woman get to gassed and think they can clown somebody because they don't like the man who approached. But I do know what all the men i know do. They love their women, cherish them and do all they can to help there woman's light shine brighter than ever. That's what we do!

  2. Don't listen to him...he used to bring me flowers all the time. I kept killing them though. I didnt even own a vase. LOL. Had to buy one. I told him not to waste his money on flowers. Bring me things that matters to me more, like a pack of skittles or starbursts.

    @Wioll, you are right, if you had approached me earlier in the game, I probably would have turned you down. LOL. And you've done like 9 out of 10 of these things. You act simple sometimes with #7, cuz you know I will stop at a door until its opened. My brother Alex taught me that.


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