August 10, 2010

Powerful Message!

Thank you to this brotha for reminding me of how awesome I am. Like my previous post, sometimes I forget how amazing and beautiful Sweet P is. Sometimes the outside messages can clutter your mind and make you doubt certain things about yourself. Imagine being with someone who said these things to you every single moment of every day....That someone for me is GOD and it also needs to be ME.

I'm giving this brotha 3 snaps up and Z formation...Men on Film, In Living Color LMBO!!!!

*Sweet P*

August 9, 2010

"You could be so much more."

I had one of those weekends. Not too bad, but not too good either. I had a moment when I contemplated answering a phone call from someone that would have been cool for the moment, but I would have ended up kicking myself in the long run. Just when I listened to the message and was going to make the call God whispered to me, "You could be so much more." There is no way that you get a message like that and not stop yourself from disappointing yourself. I was sooo grateful for that reminder and that revelation that where I am now is no where near where I will end up. I quickly wrote on sticky notes HIS message and put it on my fridge, my front door and my mirror in my bathroom. I started to take them down thinking that people would think I was crazy if they came in my house and saw the notes, but then I thought maybe, just maybe, this is a message that they need to hear for themselves as well. We could all be MORE, but we need to believe it.

Lord help me believe!