September 27, 2010

Frenemies....How many people have them?

I just read an article titled, "The Friendship Detox: How to Say Goodbye and Good Riddance." Very good article on how certain "friendships" can be toxic and draining to your life. It’s funny that I came across this because I woke up thinking about some of the relationships around me and how I don't feel like I am getting anything from them. I feel that they take more from me than add to my life. Then there are some friendships that have pulled me from the edge or that have elevated me to another level. The article challenged me to evaluate the company I keep further by asking: 
“Do you look forward to seeing this person, or do you consider it a chore? Is she truly happy to see you, or do you suspect she wants something from you or needs to lord something over you? Will you walk away from this meeting feeling good—or feeling manipulated, demeaned, poisoned, or played?”
Wow!!! I think I just crossed off almost every "friend" on my list :-/

Then she goes on to say...
 “I've had a few such friendship terrorists in my life, and I'm absolutely certain I've been one at times, too, but part of growing up means knowing when to stop playing pretend. Remaining attached to some people is like slaving over a withered garden without realizing all the plants are dead. And letting the negative relationships suck up time and energy only deprives us of the opportunity to nurture and appreciate those friendships that actually do work.”
Wow again!!! Nicely put. I will be stealing that term “friendship terrorists” for myself.

Life is way too short to spend it with someone you don’t like. I do think that in the past I have allowed unhealthy friendships to close me off to genuine people. I didn’t grow up with people that I could lean on, so it has caused me to be my own best friend. It is now at an older age that I have realized that I can’t continue this race alone. That I have people beside me who do love and care about me and wish me well as I do them. I have wasted time in nurturing these friendships because I’ve been mourning too long over the dead ones.
 “True friends bear each other's burdens and accept each other's weaknesses, because without reciprocity, there's nothing. Friendship is about collaboration, not domination. Because we should be stewards of each other's rooms, I am happy to help you keep yours clean, but life is too fleeting to let you continue trashing mine.”
With that said, I’m making some changes in my life today and if you don’t hear from me, you are one of them. LOL!

My life is a puzzle, and you just don't fit!

*Sweet P*

September 19, 2010

National Singles Week???

September 19-25 (the third week of September) is National Singles Week. You have got to be kidding me?? Whose bright idea was it to give us a week and what is it that we are to do to "celebrate" this time in our lives? And why a week? I'm single 365 days a year. I really think this week was made up by some woman who was trying to embrace her singleness happily. I know that right now, if she's still single, she's kicking herself. LOL!

I'm not mad at the week, just think its stupid. Being single is a journey that cannot be measured by time or space. Some days its wonderful and some days you want to slap the next person who comes and says to you, "I'm engaged!" Basically every single person is in a different place at a different time. No one needs a reminder that they don't have anyone. What's what we have Valentine's Day for....All I'm saying is if you wish me a Happy Singles Week be prepared to eat those words.

Thanks but no thanks,

*Sweet P*

September 9, 2010

When you let God drive, you get there faster.

I know it's been a little while since I blogged. I miss you just as much as you miss me ;)

Life has been beating me up the past month. I was busy running around putting into other people and things and when I got a moment to myself, I was too tired to put back into me. DRAINED!!! This is why I decided to take off the last week of August for a stay-cation to reconnect with the person I love most next to God....Sweet P. I went to the beach with myself. I took myself on a movie and a lunch date. I treated myself to a day of pampering. I remembered who I fell in love with years ago and rekindled my own flame.

I sit here now remembering the week and it was just a few days ago, but feels so far away. How did I get back to this place of stress so fast? Why do I feel like I need another vacation and I just took one? I'm doing too much work in my life. I'm spending too much time dealing with issues that I have no control over. My anal retentiveness has convinced me that I am superwoman and that I have the power to make all things on earth better. I literally just woke up from that dream/nightmare...It's amazing what you learn about yourself when you open your eyes and be honest. Didn't even know how crazy I was until I just said that. GROWTH!

I am not a super-religious person, but I have a strong faith relationship with God and put Him at the head of my life. Everything I am I owe to Him. He has spared me over and over in ways that are unimaginable. He is the ONLY constant in my life...

MY CONFESSION: I have been treating God like I do people. I push His love away. I don't trust Him at times out of fear of being hurt. I dominate our conversations and sometimes ignore what He says because I don't want to hear the truth. Funny thing is that when I do this, most people leave me alone and the people who love me, know me and just let me be. God on the other hand, He won't allow it at all--no matter what. He stays in my ear, in my face, in my heart. Even now, He's saying, "Finally you get it and I ain't goin' no where."

It is time for me to sit in this passenger seat and let God drive. No more giving him directions! No more asking if He needs me to take the wheel! No more questions about where we are going and are we there yet! No more looking for rest stops! No more interfering with His driving, period! I will be quiet and sit back and ride in style. I am certain now that I will get there faster (wherever there is).

Whew!! That was a tough lesson for me. *tears*

~Sweet P~