January 28, 2013

New Year, New Beginnings!

Happy New Year!! We are a month into 2013 and I feel so so good! I decided that this year was going to be awesome, and I might as well start off on the right foot. My goal is to be healthier spirituality, mentally and physically. What better way to achieve this than to start off 2013 with the 21-day Daniel Fast (look it up if you're interested). 

For the past few years, my church has participated in a group fast that involves, but is not limited to NO SUGAR, NO FRIED FOODS, NO MEAT and NO BREAD. Everything my tummy loves and craves on a daily basis. We basically only eat fruits, veggies, grains and ONLY drink water. Meaning no more Coke for P. This is why I never even considered engaging in it. Sounded like purgatory to me.

Well December 2012, I just felt like I needed a fresh start. I've been dealing with this weight issue for too long. Felt like I had the potential to be so much more, but was holding myself back. It was time I did the impossible, so I started the fast January 2. Honestly, I know me and wasn't sure how long I would last. What I did know is that I was not only doing this for me, but for God, so I figured I couldn't disappoint (but this hasn't stopped me in the past LOL). With the support of family and friends I took a major leap of faith for 21 days.....and beyond! Yes, I'm still fasting until the end of the month. Go me!!!

It's been difficult at times, but very rewarding. The results are crazy in this short period of time (see pics). I've lost about 11 lbs to date. I feel lighter. Clearer. Brighter. I have more stamina and exercising is not as hard. It's been shocking and exciting at the same time. God never asks much of me, but in turn gives me sooooo much. As long as I remain faithful...So after the 21 days, I decided to go to the end of the month. Took a little arm pulling, but I'm doing it. I'm planning to continue with a healthier lifestyle post-fast. Would be such a tragedy to ruin all this hard work. My goal is to wear a bikini on the beach for my birthday. Speaking of birthdays....

Today is 3 months until my big day!!!!!!!! YAY! 

The countdown begins...

*Sweet P*