September 27, 2013

Bye Bye Summer...

It was so chilly this morning!! Very bittersweet. Sad to say goodbye to the warm weather, but excited about this new season. This morning is when I finally accepted that summer is gone and some clothing items need to be put away until next year. Boo hoooooo! I will miss the heels and pretty sundresses and cute shorts and tops and all the outfits that I got to run the town with this summer. It was a hell of a ride! My head is still spinning from all the fun. Not one single solitary dull moment and I have 1 million pictures to prove it LOL! Good times with family and friends (old and new). And even better times with my homie lover friend, Calvin.

Great memories were made during the "Summer of 2013." Now I just want to BE STILL!!!! I requested from my circle of people a "me weekend." I just want some time to myself to do absolutely nothing. I miss those days…I'm in a place of such transition right now. The next year has the possibility for so many life-changing events and I want to have some time to catch my breath from everything over the past 2 years. From weddings to heartache to babies to new love to new job to LIFE....I'm spent! I just want to enjoy a little quiet time…It's funny, I think I blogged once about the quiet feeling so noisy. Now all I want is silence.


I have a feeling that this new season will be the calm before the storm. Not saying that something bad is going to happen, but there could be a lot of things that I will have to juggle at the same time or big events that I will have to plan and I just want to take the time out now to focus on my favorite person in the whole wide world – ME!

So at this very moment, I have no time for anything that will cause me stress. I have no desire to engage in any activities that do not bring me pleasure. I refuse to give energy to anything or anyone that makes me frustrated, sad or angry. In my spare time, I will be strengthening my faith, working on being an even better P and nurturing relationships that matter most to me. Anything outside of that can KICK ROCKS!!

I suggest that rather than mourn summer, you embrace this upcoming season with open arms. Hibernation means that you remain dormant and inactive for the winter. Don't do that! Start a new activity that you always wanted to try. Make contact with an old friend and talk to them face to face instead of through email or text. If there is something in your life that you are not happy with, actively work to change that. Most importantly, take a little time to give back to yourself and don't feel bad about it.

Don't let this fall/winter pass with regrets. 

Sweet P