November 20, 2012

My Gratitudes

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I thought it was a good time to pause and take account of all the blessings from 2012 (big and small).

I had no idea that when I started this year that it would be such a roller coaster with all the ups and downs and twists and turns. It's been a hell of a ride, and I look forward to closing out 2012 with a bang. I'm not sure what 2013 has in store for me, but a wise man once told me that if you put your trust in God nothing else matters. He's carried me this far. Protected me. Held me in His arms. Wiped my tears. And I'm so very grateful that I know and love Him.

I'm ending this year in such a different place than last. This year was all about me. I took more time to enjoy myself. Lol that sounds kinky!! But I've spent this year pleasuring me. I still had moments of weakness where I allowed others to use me as their doormat, but I said NO more than usual and that makes me so proud of myself. I didn't blog as much, but I also didn't care to. I stayed more with my thoughts and spent more time talking to actual people in sound. I suggest you have at least one day a week that you call a friend or loved one or meet up face to face just to chat. Technology creates such distance. Go tech-free and engage in quality time once in a while. I plan to do that even more next year.

So this year, what am I most thankful for?
  • My niecey poo Sierra. She is such a delight. She's brought so much joy and laughter into our family.
  • My sis and bro and my bestie Ayawna. For just always being there for my crazy tail.
  • Good health!! Been dealing with an ailment for years!!! So happy for healing mercies.
  • My Calvin. He's such a headache and a half, but he's my heart and I'm happy he's in my life. Can't wait to read the next chapter of our story. It's been interesting so far (to say the least LOL).
Well we have one month left before the year ends. Think of something you said you wanted to do this year and do it! That friend you text or email all the time; pick up the phone and set a date for a girl/guy's night out. Repair that relationship/friendship that you pretend doesn't matter. Take a couple days off and have some fun. Plan a date night with your significant other and go tech-free!!! Just don't waste the rest of 2012 complaining, regretting, arguing or holding a grudge. Just let go....and drop it low ;o)

Sweet P