August 29, 2012


This is so me!! Ha-larious!
It's that time of the month again. UGH!!! Why does Penelope always decide to come at the most inconvenient time?? The past few weeks have been uber busy, and I was so looking forward to the Labor Day weekend. I have date night with Mr. To Be Continued, a pee wee football game, cousin's baby shower, football practice and tons and tons of chilling and sleeping to indulge in. Who wants to be bothered with that floozy this weekend!!??

Sometimes she comes and goes quickly and quietly. Love when she allows me to continue with my daily practices and doesn't get in my way. Before I can say hello, it's already time to say goodbye. I don't get many months like that though. The majority of the time she makes me cry and cry about nothing and everything. Stupid tears! Then she gives me the munchies, and I want everything salty and sweet under the sun. In addition, Coco and Baps never know how to act when she comes. They swell up like flotation devices and none of my clothes fit properly. SHEESH!!

When Penelope comes to stay, I never want to entertain anyone else. She dominates all my time, and I just don't feel like being bothered with people. She keeps me up at night and makes me sleepy during the day. I'm moody, cranky and sensitive. Just straight up Funky P! (See picture for a good visual).

So if I ever come across as nasty or mean to you for no reason, don't get mad at me. Blame it on that B-I-C-T-H Penelope!!! (LOL @ Mama Dee)

Sweet P