March 29, 2010

We are 1 month away...

In 1 month I will celebrate another year! Time sure does fly. I'm getting younger, wiser, more in tune with who I am, what I like and what I won't tolerate. It's not by coincidence that my birthday comes at a time of renewal and rebirth....SPRING!! Out with the old and in with the new. I plan to do less...

  • worrying
  • fussing
  • complaining
  • sitting at home alone
  • eating junk food
  • wasting brand new days
  • thinking about the consequences
  • engaging with ignorant/stupid folk
  • ignoring my true feelings
  • emotional shopping

AND I WILL do more...

  • yada yada yada....
  • smiling
  • laughing
  • living in the moment
  • opening myself to the possibility of ____ (fill in the blank)
  • praying
  • believing in happy endings
  • smelling roses and disposing of BS
  • living with no regrets
  • hanging out with family and friends
  • smart shopping

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this time of year!!!!

Enjoy the season,

*Sweet P*

P.S. The flower in the picture is called Sweet Pea. It is my name, my favorite color, April's birth flower, and my symbol. Isn't it beautiful!!?? INTERESTING FACT: Sweet Pea's have a sweet fragrance and are used by many gardeners just for the scent it gives off in their garden. 

Go figure ;-)

March 25, 2010

Sometimes I wish…

… That men came with a list of ingredients like junk food. That way you would know up front what you are getting yourself into and can decide to indulge in it and put on a pound of headache or heartache in the long run OR walk away from the temptation of the treat.

I can’t lie knowing what he has to offer may not make much of a difference if I am having an “I will have fun now and deal with the consequences later” attitude. I know I don’t need that extra slice of cake, but I eat it anyway….and I LOVE THE WAY IT TASTES!!!! I don’t care if it ruins my diet, makes me stay up all night from the sugar, or adds a little extra cushion to my waist. Again, I knew good and well what I was getting myself into and I am “grown.” The good thing is that usually these late night snack attacks happen in the comfort of my own home and no one knows of my devilish little secrets ;)

So if I meet a man and his label reads, “Chock full of lies, BS and drama; artificial everything; full set of baggage; emotional instability; inability to communicate effectively,” BUT he is a great kisser and such a cutie….hey, it’s my choice if I CHOOSE to partake in the meal, right? At least I know what he is made of *shrugs*


*Sweet P*

March 3, 2010

I don't have to be seen, just heard

So I have been planning this conference for work since last September and now I am looking at the conference program and nowhere in it do you see my name. I mean I have WORKED non-stop for months. Late hours, stress-filled days, dealing with all kinds of personalities....all by myself and at the end, no thank you, no recognition, no job well done, but all credit goes to Miranda! (I call her that because she reminds me of the chick from "The Devil Wears Prada." My Devil wears Gucci and Chanel though LMBO). She had me do all the work and now that it is all said and done, she can strut her stuff and smile for the cameras.

I can never be her. I don't want to be her. I take pride in what I do and who I am. I don't do it to be seen. Because of me this conference will be successful. The attendees will get their monies worth and I am proud of that. I am a hard worker, always have been. If I lived for the sake of people and their approval, I would crumble in this dog eat dog world that we live in. Luckily, I do my job and in my heart, it is well. That is where my recognition comes. So on the last day of the conference (March 17th---can't wait!!!!), when she stands to get her praise for all the work "she" has accomplished, I will smile because I know that it’s all really for me....and then update my resume to let the record reflect ;)

Don't sweat the small stuff folks! Life is too short!

*Sweet P*

March 2, 2010

Porn for Bibles???

Smut for Smut??? Seriously?? What is this world coming to? How is it that a group of college students get national attention for a campaign where students can turn in Bibles in return for porn? I'm disgusted and outraged! The group is an atheist club that states there are more graphic depictions of pornography in the Bible than the regular playboy. The school officials are not stopping this tomfoolery due to their right to freedom of speech. Wow! Really?? I think that some laws out way others. Like the law that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Yes, there are some stories of wayward individuals who were not of God, but aren’t these same stories in the Washington! Since they are reading these passages, did they also read how God either brought them out from where they are or showed His wrath and made them pay for their actions? In no way are “deprave acts” seen as right in the Bible. Interestingly, they will be keeping the religious materials for research. (Side note---->I need to remember, that the enemy knows the Bible more than I do. I need to study more and be armed to fight back.) My message to these students stirring up dram is: Go to class and stop wasting your parents’ money on nothingness!!!

Okay, that's enough negativity today. Time to go pray for these fools…Lord, help me understand!!!