September 8, 2011

May your day be without drama...

So it's been raining for a few days now. I've always loved the rain, but there's something about this rain that is so beautiful to me. This morning as it hit my windshield my spirit overflowed with joy. Sounds crazy, but the rain gave me so much hope. Bear with me. I'm so about to take this to a whole nutha level....

With the earthquake, Hurricane Irene, and now this tropical storm, I can't help but feel that God is preparing us for something amazing. Just like Noah with the ark...God asked Noah to trust Him and do everything He asked (even though it didn't make sense). After the flooding, the earth was cleansed of everything wicked and all that was left was life. I think the storms represent those hard things in life that we deal with. Yes the winds are harsh and strong. They will knock the breath out of you and tear some stuff up that get in its path. But be still. Once everything clears, the sun ALWAYS comes out.

This is what I was reminded of this morning as I drove into work. My heart is smiling. I skipped to the metro and my newspaper guy who greets me each morning said, "Good morning beautiful. May your day be without drama." WOW! Then the saxophone player serenaded me as I danced into work. Today is no different from any other day. It's just my attitude that's different.

 Having a fantabulous day ON PURPOSE!!

*Sweet P*