December 29, 2012

Learning to say NO!

NO is such a simple word. For many people it's the first word that they learn to say. Children run around screaming,"No!," all the time. I'm sure there was a point when I said it so easily. When I didn't want something, I just said no. Didn't even add a thanks to the end of it. Just NO! 

So why has the word no become such a chore for me over the years? I've turned into a yes ma'am and find myself in sticky situations that I can't get out of. All just because I want people happy and don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I say yes to please everyone, but myself. I end up regretting it and annoyed that I couldn't do what so many children do and what so many adults who have a real backbone do. Being a yes ma'am has caused me years of unnecessary stress that could have been avoided if I simply said N-O.

I had a situation this year where I wanted to say no to someone, but I said yes to avoid disappointing them. After more thought, I realized that I didn't even like this person. I was entering into an agreement that would cost me money and time that I didn't want to give. I refused to go into 2013 with this annoyance on my back, so I FINALLY said no I'm unable to do it. It felt so good. I couldn't understand why I didn't just say that to begin with. I know that saying no can unravel a friendship, but sometimes there is no way around it. My happiness is what matters most. 

It's 1 word, 2 letters, no explanation needed. Go on. Say NO. Free yourself. Don't agree to anything that you really don't want to do. Be your own person. Live your life the best way you can. No regrets in 2013!!! Now that's something I can say YES to.

*Sweet P*

December 19, 2012

Somebody walked into my life...

Somebody walked into my life
And he's right on time
Somebody looked into my eyes
And he read my mind
And its true
I only need to tell you
that it's you
You're everything
I ever dreamed would come to me

Somebody walked into my heart
And to my surprise
Somebody tearing me apart
And it feels just fine
And it's you
I've waited oh so long to say
it's you
You're everything
I ever dreamed

And tonight I give in to the feelings
Tonight I give in to the thrill of loving you
And tonight I give in to believing
I'd hear you say
You'd always stay

Somebody turned my life around
And I'm not the same
Suddenly I don't hear a sound
Only your name
And I really need you