April 27, 2011

I'm baaaaaaack!

Did you miss me???

I can't even put into words how rewarding my time off from the world has been. I reconnected with my inner pretty girl and put less focus on people and things. I've decided to make sure that I continue with this practice and have more selfish days here and there. And no better time than now....Tomorrow's my birthday!!! As you know, I'm a little ridiculous when it comes to celebrating another year. It's just that it is such a beautiful gift to have. With everything going on in the world, with all the people close to you that you have lost...how can you not be grateful for having a whole nutha year to dance, to laugh, to act a fool! Such a treasure and I always enjoy it to the fullest.

So now I'm going to continue being selfish for a few more days. I will return in May to catch you up on me and ramble on with my nothingness that I know you love.

Until then....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!

*P-Boogie* (not feeling so sweet today ;-)