February 14, 2013

Happy Love Day!!

Today I'm recycling one of my old blogs. Nice when you read back and have to high-five yourself for such a great message...

Sending well wishes to all the true lovers in the world who don't care what day it is because everyday is Valentine's Day. May you continue to be blessed in your relationship. I wish you more laughter than tears. More joy than pain. More fun than fights. And above all...more love than your heart can hold. When that love spills over make sure that you spread it around to someone else who really needs a little in their life to pull them from the edge.

Today, I'm sharing my cup of love with the singles in the world who woke up dreading today. First be grateful for that breath you took this morning. Then shake that ish off. You are beautifully and wonderfully made. That's better than any candy or flowers you could get. I guarantee when Real Love finally comes you won't care what day it is just like those true lovers ;o)

And it's so very true...When you have someone who really loves you and not only tells you but SHOWS you...everyday is Valentine's Day.

A True Lover