January 31, 2012

So far, so good!!

January has been a great month! I've been good to stick to my list of don'ts. Usually by now I've broken my resolutions. I have found that I said, "P I'm so proud of you" more often this month than I did all last year. I'm just determined to do better and live life even more loudly than usual. Of course there will be some crappy days, but I have learned to pull myself out of the dumps quicker.

Feeling so much lighter these days. I even joined a deep water aerobics class!! First day, I was terrified. The instructor put my flotation belt on me and said, "Now get in!" LOL! I got in but held firm to the side of the pool. The fear was so intense, I thought I was going to pass out. The other women in my class kept saying, "Just let go. The belt will keep you afloat." It took everything in me to move away from that wall. I refused to let my fear keep me from a great workout and trusted that I would not drown. Slowly I moved to the middle of the water in 13 feet. Luckily, the water from my splashing mixed with the tears falling from my eyes. Didn't want anyone to know that I got so emotional. They wouldn't understand how big a deal it was for me to be at that place, at that moment. That it was my first time ever in water that I couldn't stand in. I did it. I did it afraid. 

So one month down and 11 more to go...Let's get it!!

Sweet P

P.S. I challenge you to do something this year that fear has kept you hostage from. Step out on faith and don't look back. Now every time I get in the water I think, "What took me so long??"

January 2, 2012

What I won't do in 2012...

Happy New Year!!

It has started off great! I went to watch night service on New Year's Eve and the message was about not going back and only moving forward in the new year. Nothing that I didn't already know, but it was confirmation of the promise that was already put forth in my spirit over the past month.

So year after year I come up with this list of things that I am going to do for the new year and year after year I fall short and disappoint myself. This year I decided rather than make a list of what I'm gonna do, why not make a list of what I won't do in 2012.

12 Things I Won't (and I mean won't) Do in 2012

1. I won't give 100% of myself to anyone or anything with a 0% return.

2. I won't allow negative thoughts to ruin my mood.

3. I won't neglect myself. Meaning: I will always take pride in my appearance and TRY to comb my hair every day of the week. (That's gonna be tough LOL)!

4. I won't give my precious time to unhealthy friendships. This should be easy because I left most of those folks in 2011.

5. I won't be irresponsible with my spending.

6. I won't allow fear to stop me from doing ANYTHING. Doing it afraid in 2012!

7.  I won't continue to be lazy. Time to get moving and keep it sexxy ;o)

8. I won't feel bad for being selfish at times.

9. I won't let someone else's actions or words take from my positive energy.

10. I won't have ANY regrets.

11. I won't stop smiling and laughing and having fun and being Silly P (She rocks!)

12. I won't settle for anything less than what I deserve.

Now this is a list that I promise myself to complete. Looking forward to a phenomenal year!

*Sweet P*