May 25, 2011

"My aim in life is never to be skinny," but I want to be healthy!

LOVE Adele!

Well I've been battling with this weight thing for some time. Exercise is just not fun to me. Eating cookies and brownies while drinking a coke and watching a movie on my sofa....that's what I call fun. However, I know it's not healthy. As I've gotten older my clothes fit differently and I get tired easily doing tasks that never bothered me before. Laziness is the reason I've sat around gaining weight and it's a disease I'm getting rid of today. The back and forth is over. I am making a conscious effort to be a healthier woman. Not to fit in an outfit or look good in pictures at my sister's wedding, but just so I can live a longer, richly fulfilled life.

OK so the first step is to hold myself accountable for my actions. Laila Ali is working on losing her baby weight and has challenged her fans to lose weight with her. She is using a tool called MyFitnessPal. You can enter you weight and track your accomplishments with the daily calculators. For any of you who are struggling to stay motivated, it may be something you might want to check out. We can add each other as friends and you can feel free to yell at me for no doing any exercising all week. I'm really competitive so seeing these numbers has me ready to reach my goal. I'm going to have a little counter on the side of my blog, so you can see my progress.

The only way this will work is if I am honest, so I promise to stay true to this process...So pouring my first glass of water now. They say I'm supposed to do 8 of these a day...prayer needed!

*Sweet P*

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